Whipped: A Delectable Adult Coloring Book

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Ruby Fig has outdone herself with this super sweet Coloring Book Whipped!! Her artwork is so sweet I actually got a sweet tooth just looking at the pictures trying to decide which one to color first. This book is full of imagination and creativity. It is some Magical Land of baby doll eyes and planets that you can only dream of. The images are simply adorable.

As with any Blue Star Book this book tells you all about how to unplug and relax before you even get into coloring. That all you need to do is shut off all your electronic devices, breathe and relax. I also like that it goes to the point of saying if at any point you forget your worries to stop. I use coloring exactly for that reason. I have PTSD and Anxiety. I color because it relaxes me and helps me to forget my worries.

These pages are not perforated but they are easy enough to get out if you score the page along the binding. The majority of the images have plenty of room between the images and binding but there are a few that are full page images and therefore close to the binding. The images are printed on singled sided medium weight paper.

I used Gel Pens and they didn’t bleed though but you could definitely see the ink through the page. My suggestion is to ALWAYS put a couple pages under the image you are coloring so you don’t ruin the next page. If you use markers you may need either a heavier weight paper or more than 2 sheets. Coloring pencils will work great with book and actually there are a couple pages where you can even use crayons if you wish. I received Whipped in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

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