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6 in 1 Multi Use Rescue Survival Knife

This Rescue/Survival knife is a great tool to have on hand anytime or to keep in your car. This knife in equipped with the essentials of what can help you to stay alive in case of an emergency. The knife blade is about 2 inches long. On the knife it has a saw/serrated edge you can use for cutting small tree and brushes or if you are trying to start a fire you can use it shave bark. On the other side of the knife it has a bottle opener.
When looking at the back side of the same end you will see that there is a mini flashlight. It is magnetized so you don’t have to worry about it falling out but to get it started you need to take it out and unscrew it. You will see a small piece of white circular paper in there. Just remove that paper and make sure that your batteries are facing up and screw the 2 pieces back together. Slightly turn it to turn your flashlight on. Place it back in your knife and you know have your flash light attached to your knife.
On the opposite end of the knife you have a magnesium fire starter, a tool to cut twine, rope or seat belts, and a glass breaker. In an emergency situation you can use this knife as a whole to start a fire. To use the magnesium you will need to shave some of it into some kind of tinder and create a spark to start a fire. You will be able to use the twine cutter to help you in an outdoor emergency situation to help cut twine to make snare but in your car you will be able to cut your seatbelt off. The glass breaker is self explanatory. This is a great Rescue/Survival knife to have on you at all times because you never know when you may be in a situation where you will need it. I received this in exchange for my honest review.

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