TitanOPS 5 LED UltraBright Winter Knit Flashlight Beanie

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This TitanOPS 5 LED Ultra Bright Winter Knit Flashlight Beanie is super cool!! I bought this for my son who is 16 years old. He is a skateboarder/Long boarder. He is always “in the wind” and likes to keep something on his head at all times. I was going to get him a headlamp but he really likes Beanies so I thought I would buy this for him so he could still be within his style. This is really warm!

This beanie is a knitted hat and it has 5 LED lights that are very bright. The LED lights give off 48 lumens of light that shine 42 feet away providing him with plenty of light to skateboard by at night with. It comes with 2 coin batteries that operate the lights already installed. The operating mechanism/battery pack is located in the fold of the hat. It is very simple to turn on/off. You simply turn down the fold of the beanie and switch it on or off.

This would be great for camping, hiking, fishing at night or early morning, hunting. Really this will be great for anytime where you will need to stay warm and need light too.

In order to wash this you must remove the batteries and wash my hand. The instructions say nothing about drying so we will put it on medium heat to dry it. It will fit any head size I believe as it fit both mine and my sons. His head is considerably larger than mine. I was lucky enough to receive a discount on this TitanOPS 5 LED UltraBright Winter Knit Flashlight Beanie  in exchange for my honest review.

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