This Aurosport Headlamp is Awesome!

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This is a really AWESOME Waterproof CREE XM-L XML T6 LED Headlamp!! It has 3 lights on the headlamp. It has the main light and then it has 2 lights to each side. There are actually 4 modes to these lights which makes it different than most. You push the button once and the main light comes on. When you push the button a 2nd time and the side lights come on, the 3rd time all 3 lights come on and on the 4th push of the button it turns to strobe mode.

Because these are Cree LED lights they are very bright so I do not recommend looking straight into them. There is an extensive lifetime of around 10,000 hours on the LED lights. The front portion that holds the headlamp on is reinforced because it is adjustable. You can turn the lights straight down towards your nose if that is what is needed.

It has adjustable head straps which fit everyone in our family and has even more room to go up or down. It adjusts to just the right fit for a snug worry free adventure. This headlamp requires 2 rechargeable batteries. They are size 18650 and are not included. They can be recharged by simply plugging in the headlamp. I was lucky enough to receive this Aurosports CREE LED Waterproof Headlamp in exchange for my honest review. I would love it if you dropped by my Facebook page, Reviews by Jody . 

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