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Color Your Own Stickers Party: Just Color, Peel & Stick

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Color Your Own Stickers by Jess Volinski is super cute and perfect for an upcoming party or any kind of crafting project you might have! This would also be a Perfect gift for a young girl who loves to color and craft!!

There are 90 stickers in here for you to color. There is a variety of uses for these stickers. There are stickers in here that you can use to put on top of cupcakes, cookie tins, or bags of treats. On the same page are some regular flowers, hearts and stars.

There is PARTY! sticker flags that would be great to make for a party of any kind. There are 2 pages of gift tags and on these 2 pages there are a total of 15 tags. There are 2 pages of name tags with a total of 16 name tags. I especially like the last 2 pages where there are a total of 8 images for what I would say are for making cards.

With all of these stickers there are a variety of designs for you to color. I really love this book as there is also a page of stickers with images that would look especially cute on a journal or notebook. I am giving this to a very creative 12 year old for her birthday and she not only loves coloring but she loves making all kinds of stuff. I know she will love getting this!! I was fortunate enough to receive Color Your Own Stickers in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Notebook Doodles – Go Girl!: Coloring & Activity Book

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Go Girl by Jess Volinski is a journal type experience Coloring Book that is meant to build the person who has it up. The images and writing experience and unique and wonderful.

This is a great book for a tween or teen girl! I personally am giving this book a friend’s daughter who is turning 12. She specifically asked for adult coloring books because of my influence but I thought this would be perfect for her as it is meant to help her build a strong independent character and to rely on herself and love herself first.

This is a really large book with a lot of images in it. Being that this is a journal type of book some of these pages have places to write. There are 30 images on bright white medium weight paper. These pages are perforated so they are meant to be able to be taken out with ease and displayed or given away.

18 of these images are just very cute ones to color with strong encouraging words and the other 12 are journal type pages that are colorable but also meant to build the woman or girl up and help to build their self esteem. On the back of each page is a quote along with small light inked images that can be colored.

These pictures can be colored by EVERYONE. They range in difficulty from simple to a few that are more intricate. There is nothing in here that is too complicated that even a beginner can’t try. This is an Awesome book and I love it! I think she will love it too as she does the books I bring to our socials. I was lucky enough to receive Go Girl in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

Notebook Doodles – Color Swirl: Coloring & Activity Book

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Notebook Doodles-Color Swirls: Coloring and Activity Book is SO MUCH FUN!!! While there are only 4 true activities there is plenty of coloring to do and the quotes on the back of the page have some faint lines where you can write whatever your heart desires. I had so much fun with this book.

There are about 30 images in here for you to color and enjoy. Usually I go for books with lots of fine lines and intricate details but sometimes I just want to color to my heart’s content and not have to worry about all those fine details. This would also make a GREAT gift for a beginning or budding colorist.

There are 9 colored images in the beginning of the book with the color scheme used to color it. I really love how Jess gives you all this great information in the beginning of the book. She provides sections like “Be Yourself to be Creative”, “Elements of Art in Action”, “Get inspired by Color” and “A Spectrum of Emotion”.

These sections will help you in deciding you how you want to color and maybe even inspire you to “step outside the box” of your usual emotions. This really is an Amazing book and I was afforded the opportunity to receive Color Swirl in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.