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Fanciful Fashions by Marjorie Sarnat

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I love this Fanciful Fashions Book!!! I have several books by Marjorie Sarnot. This is the second edition of this book and it has 49 images in it. It has 34 of the original images plus 15 brand new ones!!


This is a fashion themed book and has a lot of semi intricate and intricate collages of clothes, shoes, hats and such. She has taken fashion to a whole new level. Her artwork is impeccable and captivating.


Each collage on the page follows a theme. Some of the themes you just have to figure out what they are. It may be the type of shirt, hat, shoe, or it could be that fact that they are purses, shoes, bows or even maybe the design. It’s an amazing book either way.

For example:


Cats Theme
Pampered Pet Theme
Owls Theme
Western Theme
Bows Theme
Hearts Theme


I love how some of the borders are more than just plain black lines. She loves to create unique and embellished designs. Not only in the scenery but in the page as a whole. She really gives me something to look forward to when I see that a new book is out.


This is not a Creative Haven book but a Sky Horse Publishing book.  This is a great book for all Colorist!! I have several other books by Marjorie Sarnat. Cats (Creative Haven), Dazzling Dogs (Creative Haven), Owls (Creative Haven), Pampered Pets, (Sky Horse Publishing) and I am anxiously waiting for Fanciful Foxes (Creative Haven).


These images are printed on bright white paper and they are single sided, leaving the back blank. This is some good medium weight paper. These pages are perforated. My brand of Gel Pens didn’t bleed through but I will say that I ALWAYS put paper or card stock under the image I am working on.


I won’t risk ruining the next image. I think the more wet the medium is the more likely it will be to bleed through. This really is a must have book for anyone who likes Marjorie Sarnats books. I know I personally can’t wait to start coloring the next amazing image. This really is an awesome book and I was fortune enough to receive Fanciful Fashions in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.




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The Big Beautiful Adult Coloring Book by Hannah Davies

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This Big Beautiful Coloring Book is an Amazing Find!! I love the large pages and colored backgrounds. I am a lover of all books. I have been in love with Hannah’s books for a while and when I saw this one I knew I had to have it!!


The book measures about 16″ inches x 12″ inches and it is a very big book. There are 23 images in the book that will keep you busy for a while. The pages are either outlined in color or have a colored background. Either way it is pretty awesome.


This book is full of lots of detail but there is nothing intricate about it. This is a MUST HAVE for EVERYONE!!! It is perfect for Beginners, Teens, Kids, and Experienced. You name it!! I love this book to no end and will use it to decorate a portion of my new office space.


The pages are perforated so they are super easy to get out. This is High Quality Heavy weight paper. I used Alcohol based markers and they did not bleed through although there are a couple spots where I blended heavily and those spots did come through but I always make sure to use paper under all images I work on no matter the paper quality.


Hannah Davies is fulfilling her lifelong dream by being an Artist. Not only an Award-Winning Illustrator but also a freelance textile designer also. She creates items such as greeting cards, ceramics, textiles, gift packaging, and coloring books with a variety of illustrations and patterns. She does her Illustration from her Seaside home in Wales.


Amazingly enough I still have images I need to color. I received this Big Beautiful Adult Coloring Book in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.



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