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Plinrise 60 Colors Fine Tip Washable Drawing Marker For Kids

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These Plinrise Markers are really nice for Children’s washable markers. You get 60 in the container which is really cool. I love that they come in this container because they are easy to store and keep track of. There are a ton of colors. You get plenty of each color to make a beautiful picture with contrasting colors.

For Children they will make great markers which is what I will use them for. I belong to a Jeep organization and I always bring coloring pages and mediums for the kids to color while the adults socialize. These will be perfect for the kids. They are washable so I don’t have to worry about them accidently marking themselves or their clothes and then not being able to get it off.

A BIG PLUS is that the color actually matches the cap. They are very bright and vibrant also. If you are using these for Adult Coloring I just suggest that you choose images that are not really intricate because they are not as fine tipped as they say they are.

I tested these coloring an Adult Coloring page and they did really great with the exception that the nibs sometimes fray a little. What I mean by that is when you are coloring small pieces of the tip come off. When this happened I accidently ran my hand across it making an extra mark on my coloring page.

The only reason they are getting the 4 stars is because of the fraying tips. Other than that they are perfect. Bright Colors, Portable, and Easy to Store. I am very happy with these!!! I received these Plinrise Markers in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.