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GL-Sail(TM) 48 Diamante Tipped Gel Pens

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I love these GL-Sail(TM) 48 Diamante Tipped Gel Pens. I love to do intricate work and sometimes I have a hard time getting into the smaller areas with regular Gel Pens. Since I have gotten these I am not having that problem anymore.


These Gel Pens come with a nice sturdy Clear Plastic Case. It has 4 snaps to keep it closed so I know they are not going to fly out when I have to toss them in my purse to take them with me. I carry a pretty big purse so yes, I can put these along with a coloring book in my purse to go to appointments.


These are 0.8 – 1.0 mm Fine tipped Gel Pens. There are no repeats in this set. I really love the fact that I have lots of blues and greens! Plenty O’ pinks. There are even a good bit of purples and yellows. I love that there is even a peach color.


They come with:


12 Metallic
12 Glitter
12 Neon
12 Pastel


All 48 colors started right away and they give plenty of ink when using them. They are Bright and Vibrant colors also. I color a lot and love Gel Pens. Especially the Glitter ones.  I think using Gel Pens makes it easier to color and just plain prettier.


Really when seeing the price I am stunned because these are great Pens so it is my suggestion that you get them while they are still cheap. I like them a lot and will order more when these run out. I received these GL-Sail(TM) 48 Diamante Tipped Gel Pens at a discount in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

On Amazon for only 15.95!!!





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