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Bungee Cord Set with Tarp Ties 24 pieces by BISON GEAR®

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I got these Bison Gear Bungee cords because my husband is always complaining about his bungee cords breaking under pressure. Usually his cords are good for use only a few times under stress before they fray and are really useless at that point. Some of the cords I admit that I have bought him have been what I thought to be decent cords at the time. I was really kidding myself!! When I found these Bison Bungees my eyes were opened!

He no longer has to worry about cords fraying after 2 uses or drying out. These Bison Gear cords are Heavy Duty Military Grade Cords that are built to last!! These are Super Strong and have 20 years of Manufacturing to back them up! Plus you get 24 great cords in various lengths. We do a lot of camping and that means using a ton of bungee cords. We also own 2 Jeeps. I really don’t know how bungee cords have become such a big part of our life but they really are.

The sizes you get are:
4 x Tarp Ties
6 x Mini Cords
6 x 18 Inch Orange Cords
2 x 24 Inch Red Cords
3 x 32 Inch Yellow Cords
3 x 40 Inch Blue Cords

Bison Gear doesn’t compromise on Quality or Safety. The fixed hooks ensure the integrity of the anchor and reduces some of the danger that is associated with hooks detaching while being used. The 4 mm Steel Core hooks are coated with hard bond plastic to protect the anchor point surfaces. The Bison Bungee Cords are 2 times stronger than rubber alone because they are made of a Rubber and Latex blend.

The PP Binding with double strength UV coating protects the cords from the elements and reduces fatigue all the while making a super strong cord!! They are International Safety Standards Certified and come with a 100% Guarantee. I have to admit that after using them that there is no other bungee for us from now on!! I received these Bison Gear Bungee cords at a discount in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.