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Colors of Whimsy 3: Highly detailed drawings for the intermediate to advanced colorist! (Volume 3)

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I really love this Colors of Whimsy III book. It is just as Amazing as her other 2 books. Bev is a self taught Artist and she can do anything. She loves to draw and create characters out of polymer clay and then paint them which are amazing. Her creativity is outstanding. I found Bevs work through the Global Doodle Gems Books and fell in love.


The cover is indicative of what’s inside and is in the book. The dedication page is a little different in this book than the others as she Thanks a team and the people who colored her cover and back cover. There are a lot of beautiful women in the book but there are also flowers, flora and animals like a bird and a horse.


All the images are Amazing but I found that I really liked the 80’s inspired ones. I colored what I considered to be one and then there is another with the actual date on it. That is something I noticed about Bev. She doesn’t have a genre per say. She likes “pretty” or what she considers to be that. I find it all so Amazing!!


The book measures 11 x 8.5 and has 30 images. These images are all centered. The full size images take up the majority of the page but there is always a stopping point. These images are printed on single sided bright white lightweight paper. It is non-perforated but since there is a definite stopping point and this is a glued binding. These images are pretty easy to get out. Just break the binding at the page and open it all the way where you see the glue and score it down there. It should come out really easy.


I used Gel Pens and Marco Raffines to color my image. Neither bled through but my Gel Pens did create a shadow on the back of the page. I believe that the wetter the medium the more apt it will be to bleed through. My suggestion is to ALWAYS use a couple sheets of paper under the image you are working on to make sure you don’t ruin the next image.


This book is perfect for EVERYONE. Beginners and Experienced Colorist alike. While there are some more intricate areas I think that with a little patience anyone can do it. I am not a great Colorist but I find nothing in here intimidating. It will only require some really sharp pencils, fineliners, fine point markers or Gel Pens and some patience. I received Colors of Whimsy III in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.



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