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GL-Sail(TM) 48 Diamante Tipped Gel Pens

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I love these GL-Sail(TM) 48 Diamante Tipped Gel Pens. I love to do intricate work and sometimes I have a hard time getting into the smaller areas with regular Gel Pens. Since I have gotten these I am not having that problem anymore.


These Gel Pens come with a nice sturdy Clear Plastic Case. It has 4 snaps to keep it closed so I know they are not going to fly out when I have to toss them in my purse to take them with me. I carry a pretty big purse so yes, I can put these along with a coloring book in my purse to go to appointments.


These are 0.8 – 1.0 mm Fine tipped Gel Pens. There are no repeats in this set. I really love the fact that I have lots of blues and greens! Plenty O’ pinks. There are even a good bit of purples and yellows. I love that there is even a peach color.


They come with:


12 Metallic
12 Glitter
12 Neon
12 Pastel


All 48 colors started right away and they give plenty of ink when using them. They are Bright and Vibrant colors also. I color a lot and love Gel Pens. Especially the Glitter ones.  I think using Gel Pens makes it easier to color and just plain prettier.


Really when seeing the price I am stunned because these are great Pens so it is my suggestion that you get them while they are still cheap. I like them a lot and will order more when these run out. I received these GL-Sail(TM) 48 Diamante Tipped Gel Pens at a discount in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

On Amazon for only 15.95!!!





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Hapo 80 count Color Set Touch Five Dual Tip Markers

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These Touch Five Markers are super nice. I color because I have PTSD and find it very relaxing. I have been looking for a large set of good markers for a long time and that’s when I came across these Hapo 80 count Color Set Touch Five Dual Tip Markers.


I have to say that I have tried many dual tip markers and have found very few that actually match the color on the cap. These are pretty much on point. There are 80 markers and each marker has a fine tip and a chisel tip. These are superb.


The fine tip is great for getting into small fine lines and it also does large areas great too. The chisel tip does large areas very well but if you are doing a large area and it comes to a small point you can use the very tip of the chisel to get into the small area.


The colors are great!!! These match the caps very well which is rare. It also comes with a clear pen and a fine line black pen. I think the black pen is for drawing but I am not sure what the clear pen is for.


There are plenty of pinks, greens and blues but not many reds or yellows. There are even a decent amount of purples and browns and even some neutral skin type colors but as with all markers like these there are plenty of grey to choose from.


Being that there are 80 markers the bag could use some improvement. I would love to have had a hard case as I had to use paper to separate all the markers to put them in order. My son and I put them in numerical order which is perfect!!


I also used a book to code the colors so I can see them all before even popping the cap to use them. They go on very smooth with no skipping or jumping and when we were coding them my son even accidently left the cap off one for a while and it didn’t dry out.


I’m very impressed with these because I have to say these are the very first set I have gotten that are totally true to color, go on smooth and do not create drag lines. These are perfect for my coloring needs as I not only do intricate images but also images with wide open spaces. I was fortunate enough to receive these Hapo 80 count Color Set Touch Five Dual Tip Markers in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED Review.



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Really GREAT Complete Adult Coloring Kit

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I really like this Complete Adult Coloring Kit. The original, limited edition, “Mindfulness” coloring book and 12 colored pencils in this Portfolio carrying case is just what I needed. My son had a school dance and the traffic gets crazy so I like to get there early to pick him up. You can see from the pictures that I took while I waited in my car, that it is very portable. It was great being able to just grab a complete portfolio size coloring book and pencils set instead of my whole bag that I usually carry. At first I was kind of stressed as to how I would color the picture I chose with just 10 colors because I didn’t want to use the brown or black. I wanted to calm down in the midst of all the crazy waiting, kids running everywhere, Friday night madness. I just picked a pencil and started coloring. I wasn’t really paying attention as to what colors I picked at first. I just wanted my attention on the coloring and not on all the madness going on around me. Coloring is not new to me. I suffer from PTSD and I use coloring a lot to get my mind distracted from the thoughts that race through my head. When I calmed down a bit and really started paying attention to the colors is when the picture started coming together for me. It kind of became a game for me to see if I could really do this without the same color touching. When I finished my picture I actually felt a sense of accomplishment because it turned out very nice after using ONLY 10 PENCILS!  This set comes with a portfolio style holder and holds 12 coloring pencils that are place individually in a thick rubber band style holder. There is a removable pencil case for the plastic pencil sharpener and if you want to throw a blender pencil in there, you have plenty of room to do so. I believe what I will do is actually replace the pencil with my favorite gel pens and when I’m done with this book I can just replace it with another. It has 2 slots for coloring books. It has the one for the top opening style and then the one for the normal size coloring book. NOTE AS TO WHY I GAVE IT 4 STARS! It is an adult coloring book but it has student grade coloring pencils. I had a problem with the tips breaking and then they take forever to get another tip good enough to be able to color with again. Also, I had to push really hard to just get a decent color. If you are putting together an ADULT coloring book portfolio set, you should put better pencils in with it. Other than that I LOVE this. I was EXTREMELY fortune enough to receive this in exchange for my honest review.

Complete Adult Coloring Kit


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