Sumnacon Assorted Drawing Watercolor Pencils

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These Sumnacon Assorted Drawing Watercolor set of 36 Pencils are nice but it takes some time to learn the “watercolor” technique if you choose to use it. The assortment of colors you get with this set of 36 is really great. These are easy to work with even when not using the “watercolor” technique they go on smooth and blend very well. They are really well made and comfortable to hold for long times. The tin they come in is very nice and it keeps your pencils organized, together and also keeps them from breaking.

I will be honest and say that I have never used any of these Watercolor techniques before when working with these pencils. I will also say that I am not the best colorist either. I love coloring and do it because it helps me. You get plenty of greens and blues to work with in this set. A lot of sets only have a couple greens and blues but I personally like the fact that you get a large assortment of them.


When using the water color techniques there are 2 ways to do it. You can either use a brush after you color you picture or you can dip your brush in the water and color. I used both techniques in the picture and I actually prefer the brush technique even though it takes a little extra time.

When you dip your pencil in the water there are 2 things that happen. 1.) It wears down the lead faster because they are water soluble 2.) It leaves a ring around your pencil. If you use the pencil dip technique you need to make sure to ALWAYS dry your pencil really well after using it or it will continue to break down. The large flamingo on the bottom left in the video was mostly done with the pencil technique.

When you use the brush technique even though it takes a little extra time the picture comes out much nicer because you get a chance to blend and reblend your picture the way you want. Now if you have watched the video and still don’t understand please watch the video again and pay extra attention to the small flamingo on the top. He was done with the brush technique. Notice the difference between the large flamingo and the small one on top? I also did the whole piece of grass that you can see in this method and the piece of grass closer in the binding is just colored to show the blending of the pencils used regular. I received these Sumnacon Assorted Drawing Watercolor Pencils in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

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