Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle with straw and sweat-proof rubber coating.

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This Insulated Water Bottle is the best I have ever had. I have had a lot of drinking bottles and this one is TOP NOTCH!!! I have been taking it everywhere I go! I am always on the go. I find I need it often at Physical Therapy though because they think I’m a beast. This is a 25 oz drinking bottle. This bottle is made of Stainless Steel and treated non-chemically to reduce corrosion.

It is built very well and you can tell that right away. I will start from the top! There is a loop to hold when carrying. I like this because sometimes all I have is a finger free. I can also use a carabineer and attach it to my purse or bag. The drinking straw is very comfortable to drink out of and I really like that when you close it, it locks so you don’t have to worry about your drink spilling if you knock it over.

Because the rubber coating on the outside is sweat proof it is very easy to hold. It also protects the bottle if you accidently drop it. I love that it’s not like some bottles where the plastic will break or scratch if you drop it on accident. I love that I don’t have to continue to put ice in my water all day long. I can simply add it from the refrigerator and it stays cold and that’s because of the Premium Insulation. It is only meant for Cold Beverages though.

* Easy to carry
* Locking straw makes it leak proof
* Rubber coating
* Double-Wall Construction
* 25 oz means less refills

It is BPA Free, Eco friendly and you can use this bottle 99,999 times!!! It will keep drinks cold for a very long time. I was lucky enough to receive a discount on this Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle  in exchange for my honest review.

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