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We own a 2005 Jeep Wrangler X and it is a TJ model. This Sportfish Black Metal Dead Pedal says it fit our Jeep. While the installation was pretty easy we had to make a tiny modification to add the Dead Petal to our Jeep. The Mod was not to the Part itself but to the sidewall of the inside of our Jeep in order to get it to attach securely and safely and in order for it to be effective.

It came with no instructions but the installation went pretty smoothly without them. Because our Jeep is a 2005 and not a 2007 or up as the Amazon listing said we had to add a steel bar along the inside of the jeep wall between the jeep and the pedal. We had to use the existing door strap hinge to attach the end of the dead pedal and then the long side of the dead pedal attached to the metal we had to add in the Jeep between the Jeep wall and the Dead Pedal. If you look at the picture provided by Amazon you will see a yellow piece of metal that the petal attaches to. In our 2005 that is the mod we had to add in.

This is really Sturdy and Durable and arrived in perfect condition. The construction of the pedal itself is great. It is definitely something I will be adding to my Wrangler when I buy one. Right now my husband drives the Wrangler and I drive the Laredo. The Pedal makes it really easy to rest your foot and add stability when driving. I know myself when I’m driving the Wrangler that before the Dead Pedal was installed that unless I keep my left leg in the sitting position it was very uncomfortable.

With this installed it is comfortable not to stretch out my leg and makes it much easier to drive longer distances also. I was fortunate enough to receive this Sporthfish Dead Pedal in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.


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