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This is an Amazing Coloring Book filled with 79 Coloring pages in a variety of patterns to peak your imagination and reduce your stress. They are all original designs done by a wonderful Artist. You will find all kinds of pictures in here! You will find circular Mandalas, rectangular patterns, and scenic pictures. This book has 7 Chapter that are all color coded and each section concentrates on a different section of your life. Things like Disorganization, Finances, and Time. This is a book for Everyone!!

The beginning of the book has the Contents showing the 7 Chapters. The next page has a semi colored page for inspiration and the Introduction which I really enjoyed reading because it really broadened my mind ion what coloring meant to me and how I color. Then on page 9 there are some Color Tips. Reading the beginning of the book was really enjoyable and informative.

This Color Me Stress-Free Coloring book is made very well. It has a very nice cover that almost reminds me of a Hardback book. It is High Quality Card Board and measures about 8 ¾ inches x 9 ¾ inches, and ¾ inches thick. Each picture is printed one a single side of the page and is centered. The binding on this book is Amazing but you must bend all the way over in order to get it to lie nice and flat. These pages are not perforated and they do not tear out easily either so I suggest scoring them with a pair of scissors and them carefully tearing them out. I don’t know about you but I like displaying and sending my colored pages to friends.

I used Sharpies and while they did show very bright through the page they did not ruin the next page. I ALWAYS suggest using a piece of paper or 2 between your pages. This book is perfect for any medium! You can use markers, coloring pencils, gel pens or crayons. Anything you want to use will be PERFECT!! My suggestion also is if you use marker to make sure you have both fine line and broad line or buy the type that is both thin and broad so that you have the same color in both fine and broad line markers. I received Color me Stress – Free in exchange for my honest review.

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