Rekucci Womens “Ease In To Comfort Fit” Stretch Jean Capri

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I have a really hard time finding jeans to fit as my weight fluctuates a lot. In all honestly I used to be around 367 lbs and lost a lot of weight. I will always have a large stomach because it was SO BIG when I was very large. I am disabled so I can’t exercise and before you make comments and tell me that there are exercises I can do. I know and I stay in SUPERVISED Physical Therapy so I can do the exercise that won’t hurt me.


I really like these Rekucci Ease to Fit Stretch Jean Capri because are real jeans material with a slight stretch and an easy fit stretch waist. I got a 16 because right now that is where I landed. These are a little large though. While they were easy to get on and very slimming and they are comfortable on my legs. I just keep finding myself pulling them up.


They have pockets on the front and the back which is really awesome. Most jeans like these just have pockets in the back. These are really a shining star for me because I love to dress nice and these really are nice jeans! They have a really nice metal tag on the back packet but nothing flashy. I’m 5’2 so they are a tad bit longer on me than they will be on someone taller but I’m used to that.


It is nice not having a button digging into my stomach!! I will definitely be ordering another pair of these in the light version because I love Capri’s! They wash very well. I washed them and dried them just like normal jeans with no problems. I received these Rekucci “Ease to Fit” Stretch Jean Capri’s in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.


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