Prime Garden Foldable Travel Hammock

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I have been looking for a good Hammock that I can take place easily since my last one got destroyed by the weather. When I found this one I thought I would give it a chance. I love this Prime Garden Foldable Travel Hammock. I will start off by telling you I am disabled. I am unable to do a lot of stuff but when buying items I look for things I will be able to do myself.

This Foldable Hammock is super easy to set up. I am happy to say that I set it up all by myself. No directions were needed when setting this up. It comes in a Blue bag with 2 carrying straps that have nice padding to help shield your shoulders from the strap and it also has a carrying handle on it. You unzip the bag and take it out. You should have 3 pieces. The large part will be the frame, the hammock and then the pillow.

Here’s the simple part. You unlock the holding frame. You pull it apart. You twist the hooks up and attach the hammock and then you are almost done. At the bottom of each leg there is what I call a key or a pin. You simply insert the pins on one end and then move to the next. Now these pins will be just a tab bit more difficult because of the tension created by the hammock. You just push it out and insert the pin on each leg.

You then add the pillow, relax and congratulate yourself for buying an Amazing Hammock! Trust me when I say if I can do this by myself you can do it also. It is super comfortable. It is UV resistant so I don’t have to worry about the sun wearing it down. It looks like it will be easy to clean and the break down and putting it back in the bag is as simple as setting it up! I was fortunate enough to receive this Prime Garden Foldable Travel Hammock in exchange for my honest review.

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