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This is a really Great High Quality Paracord Collar. Paracord is very strong material which can be used for so many things including a ton of emergency situations which is the main reason I got this. It is VERY Fashionable but Paracord is also known as emergency “tool”. This will last a very long time. As soon as I tried it on my Big Boy he fell in love. I took it off long enough to do this review and put his tags on it and he literally followed me around the whole time waiting to get his collar back.

Without taking this collar apart I can’t reasonably tell you exactly how much Paracord was used but seeing as the XL collar has 18″ in woven Military Grade Paracord there is a good bit of Paracord in this collar. Paracord can be used for so many things!! There are 7 inner cords in most Military Grade Paracord. This means it can be broken down so that these 7 cords can be used for different survival needs or for any needs anytime. In an emergency situation you can simply use the whole cord to do things like make a shelter or make a snare to try and trap some food. If you break the paracord down you can the inner cord or the outer sheath as tinder.

My Big Boy is an 85 Lb Golden Retriever and there is still a lot of room left on this collar for a bigger dog. If you have taken a look at my video you will see that we use the very first hole to fasten it. This collar is woven very nicely and I’m so happy that we got it. We all have bracelets and extra Paracord in our bags in case of emergencies. Now your Furbaby can look super fashionable and have a functional emergency collar as well. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with it you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. I love a company that stands behind its products!! I received this Paracord Dog Collar in exchange for my honest review.

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