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I really like this Outlite 240 Lumen Solar Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern. We camp a lot and love spending time outside. This is perfect for those trips or for even sitting on the back porch when I don’t want to turn the big light on. It is easy to work and is conducive to any age.


It came partially charged but I fully charged it before using it at all.Of course I let it die and once it ran out of energy it only took a couple of hours to charge using the 110W wall cable. This Lantern is made out of plastic which is good because it makes it lightweight and durable.


With this lantern you get in the box:


110W wall cable
2 S hooks for hanging
Warranty card


It has 3 options to charge:


Charge through 110W cable
Solar Charging (built in)
3 AA batteries (not included)


You can use this to charge your phone by USB which is not included. My suggestion is that you use the cord that comes with your device. The port to plug in the charging socket and the USB port for charging your phone are both located on the back side of the Lantern. I suggest using the USB port sparing as you will prefer to have light over a phone, or at least I would.


The light is very bright as you can see in my video. It is clearly enough to cover a good area. This would be perfect for hanging in the tenting or if you have to walk away from the camp. This is also plenty of light to help supplement any light.


Perfect if you are hiking because you have use a carabineer and attach it to your pack and it will stay charged provided you have it fully charged before leaving. It is lightweight enough that you won’t feel any difference in weight with your pack.


Also this LED Lantern is perfect for any emergency situation that may arise at home. Should the power go out, rest assured that you have enough light to get you through a few hours and a way to recharge it with the solar plus, you can just insert the 3 AA batteries and not have to worry at all. I really love it and I was lucky enough to receive this Outlite 240 Lumen Solar Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.





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