NOVAWO® Women’s Soft Warm Solid Infinity

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I love this Novawo Women’s Infinity Scarf!! The Rich Wine color is just what I needed because it is so hard to come by. I have a very nice Wine sweater I love to wear and I am an Infinity Scarf Junkie. Seriously!! 98% of the time I have one on. No matter if it’s summer, winter, spring or fall. Anyway. I have had the worst time finding a scarf to match the Deep Rich Wine color that I was looking for.

It is really soft and because it’s so long it creates a wonderful loop. It is 39″ L X 28″ W. This is wonderful because it creates nice thick loops. It is suitable for wearing with a shirt, sweater or a dress. You can loop it once, twice or not at all. Either way it loops lovely. I really like the fringe details that I didn’t even include in the measurements. It has a rotating pattern on it. It has a large closed waffle, a small open waffle and then just fabric.

Now onto cleaning your new wonderful scarf. This is 100% Acrylic. The 1st rule of Acrylic is you never and I mean NEVER want to wash it in hot water or put it in the dryer. You will wash in cold water on a gentle cycle using Woolite. If you don’t want to buy woolite you can use a mild shampoo. I suggest that you lay it flat to dry. I will stress again that Acrylic and Heat should never mix. I would hate for you to ruin it. I know I would be sad. I love my Novawo Scarf! I was lucky enough to receive this NOVAWO® Women’s Soft Warm Solid Infinity  in exchange for my honest review.

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