NALAKUVARA 48 Assorted Art Colored Pencils (Marco Raffines)

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The Nalakuvara Set of 48 Assorted Drawing and Coloring Pencils are Wonderful! These turned out to be Marco Raffines which I think are awesome pencils!! I don’t use coloring pencils a lot because I like Gel Pens but when I do use Coloring Pencils I go straight to these.


These are HIGH QUALITY oil bases pencils!! I have finally found a pencil worthy of using. I have tried many other pencils and have always ended up disappointed but not since I learned about these. These colors are smooth and rich.


There are plenty of colors to choose from. They lay on the page so easily and they blend so well. I love that these are Oil Based soft core pencils. That is why they blend so well. You can pull one color right into the next because of it. No need for a blender pencil with these.


This is great for me. I have a teenager who is actually a pretty good artist and this will be his 2nd set. He loves these because you don’t have to put a lot of pressure on them to get a rich color. It is perfect for his comic book drawings and coloring. If you want a darker richer color you will have to apply pressure.


It is funny how I expected one thing yet got something else. Today, I have a Happy Young Budding Artist!! I was lucky enough to receive these Nalakuvara Colored Pencils in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.




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