My heart is broken but it will MEND!!!

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My heart is BROKEN as Amazon has wiped my reviews and stripped my privileges.If someone needs something reviewed I can still do YouTube Videos and post it on my channel and also do a thorough Blog post that would be just like my review and post it on both my blogs. I am deeply sorrowed by the INJUSTICE Amazon has done to me as they want to give me some generic excuse.


I have been a LOYAL and FAITHFUL Amazon Customer for a couple years and held Prime and have held up Amazons Terms of Service the whole time. My Blogs and my YouTube channel will run as normal once I am settled in my new home. I will Blog items I have just as if I were to review them for Amazon as I have promised my Sellers I would. I have plenty of Coloring Books, Coloring Items, and other items to choose from.


Trust me when I say you will not be bored. I apologize for my absence while I have been packing and preparing to sell my house, move and buy another home. As soon as I am settled I will be back up and running. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused my Sellers as they will be losing out on the Amazon review but they will still gain the views of my followers.


Thank you again for your continued support!! It means a lot to me! I hope you have an Amazing Day!!


3 thoughts on “My heart is broken but it will MEND!!!

  1. Well Amazon has made another tragic mistake while continuing to allow people who are clearly abusing the system to still publish their meaningless reviews.

    You are more than your reviews though and much more interesting than anything I could buy on Amazon. This will be the perfect time for you to tell us all about you!

    Love you sweetie and don’t let this drag you down. It is a lot of work to essentially lose but you have learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and got to try some pretty cool products.

    Your move is truly a new beginning.

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