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My Color Pocket Companion by Maria Wedel is really great tool to have on hand at all times! I take coloring books to every appointment I go to because I just can’t stand to be bored when I am waiting. Sometime I get super frustrated because I have laid the wrong color and they just don’t match.


With this Pocket Companion I can put my colors in here and know exactly what they look like before I lay a color. I no longer have to worry about laying the wrong color because of this. I can put all my red, blues, greens and such together or I can put colors that look good together.


I misspoke in the video and said 14 templates when there are actually 15 templates and each one is repeated 4 times! That is a whooping 60 templates! This is perfect for Colored Pencils, Gel Pens, Markers, Fine Liners or anything you color with.


These pages are not perforated but if you really want to get one out just score it along the binding and pull it out there. Since there are so many pages you may have issues with getting the book to lay flat on each page but all you need to do is open the book and bend it in half. I literally open it opposite of what it is supposed it to and put it on my table and applied a little pressure and then it stayed open.


I used Colored Pencils but if you are going to use any kind of wet medium my suggestion is to use a few sheets of paper under the page you are working on so you don’t ruin the next one. This is light weight paper and it will bleed through.


I really do love the fact that I there is book like this now because I have a ton of different Gel Pens, Markers, and Fine Liners to fill this book!! I received My Pocket Color Companion in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.



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