Luseta Professional Texture Fiber Gum 5.29oz

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This Luseta Texture Fiber Gum is Great!! This is a moldable gum that is good for any hair type. It’s excellent for creating texture, shine, body and style. I haven’t noticed any flaking or drying out of my hair and it lasts all day long. It is really easy to just rinse out too!! I live in the south so the fact that it provides humidity resistance is perfect for me.

I normally use a product very similar called Taffy that I bought at my hair salon for 30.00 because the hair cut I had at the time that I bought it for was short and very layered cut. I needed to use the Taffy to separate the layers and add texture.

I add it to my hair right before it’s dry because I don’t want the wet look. It also helps to separate the hair and scrunch and add the texture and body that I need. At any time it seems to “go flat “, all I have to do is scrunch my hair and separate it again and BOOM, the body and texture is back!

My hair is still layered and will remain this way just not as short as it used to be. This will still help me. I have very fine hair and if I don’t use a product like this it just lays flat and looks awful. As soon as I received this I switch to this from the Taffy. You don’t have to use a lot to get the results you need either. It does an Amazing job and the price is so much better. I was lucky enough to receive this Luseta Professional Texture Fiber Gum in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

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