Lion Mane Wig for Large Dog Costume

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Oh My Gosh!! This is too cute!! This really is cute and super easy to use. I must admit that the pictures look a lot better than the video because it was my sons 16th birthday weekend and we had a house full of people all weekend. The pictures were taken before everyone had a chance to pet him with it on.

We had a blast surprising everyone with his lion costume. He doesn’t mind it at all. He sits well to put it on and then acts normal. He had it on the majority of the weekend and they all loved it. Even after all the petting and rubbing it fluffed right back up. I will admit that I wish that it was fuller around the front of the face. You can see the materiel some where you pull it to size it but if you pull it down on the inside at the bottom it helps a little. I just think if it were a little fuller you would have this problem. It is a MILD problem though and EASILY fixable.

To adjust it; AND this is how I did it.  I turned it inside out and put it on Hawn. I then found a comfortable spot on his face where I thought it would look good. I pulled the elastic tight and just tied it. It fits all dogs sizes from a Beagle to a Pyrenees/Mastiff or 13″- 32″.  I received this Lion Mane Wig  at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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