LED Service Dog Patches with Velcro

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These LED Service Dog Patches are AWESOME!!!! I ordered the red set so they were nice and bright for when we went for a walk at night so cars would be able to see us. My husband said these are visible from pretty far away. I got 2 with my order which means one for each side.

The 2″ x 6″ patches fit perfectly on my service dog vest that has interchangeable Velcro patches. The 1st thing you have to do with these is pull the safety tab out of them to get them to work. They are super easy to turn on and off by just the push of a button. They have 3 light settings. Constant, Fast Strobe and Slow Strobe.

You can also just keep these in your car and use them just in case of an emergency to make yourself more visible. They will fit any Industrial Puppy Harness which is super cool so no matter what size your dog is these will fit the harness. I was fortunate to receive these LED Service Dog Patches at a discount in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

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