Kenting 72-color Oiled Colored Pencils with Canvas Pencil Wrap

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Kenting has done a marvelous job with this set of Marco Raffines and Canvas Pencil wrap. They have put together some Amazing Pencils and 2 Great Canvas Pencil wraps to make up this set that is going to make gorgeous colors but to also help you carry around you pencils making them portable.

These 72 Pencils are HIGH QUALITY and make beautiful colors when applied to paper. They are oil based pencils. I color and draw to relieve tension and anxiety. I also color not only because I need to relieve the tension but I’m fairly decent at it. I need and want the highest quality pencils for a good price I can get when I am coloring and drawing. When I found these pencils I got exactly that!

When I have tried other pencils I have been so disappointed but not with these. You get what you put into these pencils. These Raffine Oil based pencils have very rich and vibrant colors! You can use very little pressure and create a light version of the color you are using but when you apply more pressure you create a darker version. You get plenty of Blues and Greens with this set!!

You really have an unlimited supply because even though you only have 72 pencils. You can create any color you wish because these blend so well. These are soft core pencils and they left no lines or marks, just a very nice transition into the next color. For the price it really is a GREAT investment!! This truly is an AMAZING set and I was lucky enough to receive these Kenting 72-color Oiled Colored Pencils with Canvas Pencil Wrap in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

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