Kangaroo’s 13″, Natural Color Large 100% Cotton Canvas Tote Bags (18 Pack)

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Review:: 5 Stars Length:: 2:55 Mins

These 100% Cotton Canvas Totes are such an awesome deal!! You get 18 large tote bags with this order. They are 13″ x 9″ and have a Nylon Web handle. I color and draw a lot and am ALWAY on the go. Weather it is shopping or doctor’s appointments. These are great for carry anything you need. I use some the put coloring books in and gel pens and put it by the door so when I’m running out I can just grab it and go.

Not only are these reusable but they are customizable also. I also send out Coloring Books to my friends. These are perfect to use for so many things. My plans for these are to use Sharpies and draw pictures on them so I can send them with Coloring Book. The person who gets the coloring book will not only get to color the coloring book but they can also color the bag. I already have one packed and ready to ship to a friend.

This is something everyone can do. It is perfect for either carrying crafts such as coloring books or yarn. You can also put a few in your car so when you go grocery shopping you will have them handy and ready to use. This way you won’t have to bring home all those plastic bags you end up throwing away anyway. You have the ability to make these your own. You can use a permanent marker and make one specifically for dairy and this way you know that it needs to be put up first. I was fortunate enough to receive these Cotton Canvas Tote Bags at a discount in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

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