Kangaroo Deluxe Pretend Food, 120 Piece Set

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I got this for my granddaughter’s birthday because my daughter bought her a kitchen. Every little girl needs food for her kitchen. I can’t wait to see her face light up when she sees all of this!!

This set comes with 120 pieces. They are separated into 2 bags and 1 box. There is a fruit bag, a canned goods box, and a big bag of regular food. There is actually a really nice variety in here. From pizza, fries, eggs, fruit, hamburgers and even buns and croissants. I’m sure even my older grandkids will end up playing with her.

I did end up opening one corner of the bag so I could evaluate the food a little better and it seems to be made very durable. It is not very thick but I kind of tossed it around which is what I’m sure she will do, without any problems. I did notice that some of the items in the box with the canned goods and condiments are just made of a thick cardboard. I will most likely recommend to my daughter that she put these items up. Or I will look for ones that are all plastic.

My suggestion as with any child’s plastic toy is to periodically clean it. You take it in the bathroom and use a spray bottle with water and a small amount of bleach and wipe it down. This will keep some of the germs at bay. Especially if you end up having guest with other kids. I do really think she will love it! I received this Kangaroo Deluxe Pretend Food at a discount in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

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