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I really like the variety of pictures I find in this Best of Adult Coloring Books and the size. I’ve always been a little artsy. I color because I love to and sometimes I just need to relax. I find it intoxicating and sometimes I just get lost in the pages. Flipping through the pages you find a few different designs that work for me and just about anyone else. I love all the fabulous, intricate and well designed pages. The pages range in everything from Animals, Mandela’s to Stained Glass. Whatever your mind can think of, it is here in this book and it is beautiful. In the listing this books states that the color will not bleed through the paper although I haven’t tried markers yet. I did try gel pens and you can see the pens though the paper. The paper seems to be nice and thick though. Even though I can see the colors through the page it did not bleed through at all. I wish I could remove the pages. Also some of the designs go right into the inside of the binding so I cannot finish coloring the picture. For someone like me, this is agitating. Several pages were off colored. Not dark black but a gray-ish color. Even though I brought these details up, I still totally love this book. I’m pretty easy going and can work with just about anything… I received this in exchange for my honest review.

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