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This Inspiring Flowers has my favorite flowers by far in this book!! I really love images in this Inspiring Flowers Coloring Book! They are absolutely magnificent! There are 77 inspiring images in that just jump off the page and beg you to put color to them. I honestly would love to give this book a 5 Star because the artwork really is that good. These Flowers have to be my favorite so far!!

The fact that the book is printed on both sides of the page is a HUGE letdown for me though. These pages are not perforated but if you need to get a picture out it is easy enough to do. There are Flowers, Paisley, and Mandalas in this book in which flowers are incorporated into each of those.

I would suggest buying it on Kindle and downloading the images there which I actually did after getting the physical copy. At least this way I can print on whatever paper I wish and get them on one sheet. These images range between easy and intricate.

There is nothing in here I find intimidating though. I think they are all amazing! I color because I have PTSD and it helps to relieve my anxiety and stress. I find these images very relaxing and calming. I received this Inspiring Flowers Coloring Book at a discount in exchange for my honest review. You can get the Kindle Version of Inspiring Flowers here.

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