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This is one of the very few “Ocean” themed books I have and I have to say that In an Octopus’s Garden does not disappoint!! In fact, I am a huge turtle lover and this book has more turtles than I have seen in any books. The Underwater World that is created for this book is absolutely beautiful! I color to relieve stress and anxiety from symptoms of my PTSD and this book has really helped with that. This image I colored is quite breath taking.

The 40 images in here are 100% Original designs. Mix books has done an Amazing job of putting these images together. Inside the Garden you will see Octopus, Mermaids, Turtles, Many types of Fish, Coral, Whales, Underwater Castles and more. The designs range from wide open spaces to intricate. This is perfect for an advanced or beginner but I also believe this would help the beginner to advance to more intricate work. All it takes is the willingness to try.

These images are printed on one side of medium weight paper leaving the back side blank. The pages are not perforated but they are very easy to get out. The majority of the images have nice thick black frames around them but I misspoke in my video and said they all did when in fact they do not. They all do have a definite stopping point though so they should still be easy to get out. All you have to do is score the page along the binding and it will come out.

My Gel Pens did not bleed through but you can see them through the paper but my Fine liners did bleed through. I forgot to put a piece of paper under the page I was working on and transferred some ink onto the next page. Always make sure to put a couple pieces of paper under the page you are working on. The more wet the medium is the more apt it will bleed through. This book is great for colored pencils!!

I really do think this book is Amazing and I will spend many hours deep in ink with this book. I was fortunate enough to receive In an Octopus’s Garden in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

If you are wondering where the link to the book is. You see the highlighted link above in the review? That is now were the link to all the products will be.

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