I love this Beautiful Necklace! Turtles Rule!!

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I have been a turtle lover my whole life and this Z&T 925 Sterling Silver Created Blue Opal Sea Turtle Pendant Necklace is so special to me! It comes on an 18 inch Sterling Silver chain with a beautiful gift box. It also comes with a nice velvety pouch with a tarnish free cleaning cloth and a dust plug.  Turtles mate for life and live very long lives which to me is where the longevity comes in at. This is one of the reasons I love turtles. They swim hundreds of thousands of miles to find one certain turtle to mate with, Opal is also my youngest sons’ birthstone which is October so this is the other reason this is special to me. The blue Opal is said to be the rarest of all opals. The name opal is thought to be derived from the Sanskrit Upala with a simple meaning of “precious stone,” and in certain cultures is said to mean of courage and ingenuity. It is said the blue opal stone will improve self-esteem and confidence and creativity. It is also said that it takes the tension out of communications and helps ideas to flow more easily. It will soften the impact of stress and can help to release trauma from the past. The blue opal is also associated with soft and relaxing energy that will sooth and calm your emotions. This necklace is so special and will make a perfect gift for someone born in October, a Turtle Lover or someone who just loves Stones. This Is a Beautiful piece of jewelry and will be worn very often. I suggest to keep this in perfect condition, would be to not wear it while you sleep, shower or sweat a lot because this is a very delicate but beautiful chain. I will use my cleaning cloth often to make sure it stays perfect. I was lucky enough to receive this Z&T 925 Sterling Silver Turtle Created Blue Opal Pendant Necklace  at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Visit Reviews by Jody on Facebook to see the Video Review. You can also follow me on Twitter Jody Estabrook to see some content there too. Have a AWESOME Day!


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