I love these Pastel Neon Gel Pens!!

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I know you see that I love Gel Pens so here is a review of more of them.
I love these Gel Pens!! They are very vibrant and smooth. I draw and color a lot. I am on the go all of the time and the fact that they come in their own case is a huge plus for me! In my opinion half of them came out neon but that is okay with me. Variety is the spice of life. They are pastel neon though. So pastel is pastel whether it comes out in neon or not. I enjoyed working with these. They wrote right out the package. I didn’t need to write a lot to start them like some gel pens I have used. They didn’t skip or jump and the lines came out very nice. They are perfect for doodling, drawing or coloring. There is a guarantee on these so if you have any problems at all just contact the seller and there will be a resolution. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask and I will answer. I received these in exchange for my honest review. Make sure to check out my Facebook page and watch the video and the product link is below!

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