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First I want to start off and say I hope you had an Amazing Christmas with your family and friends! I know we had the most perfect Christmas ever. The Ham and all the food was amazing. Our family time this year was the most memorable ever. This is one Christmas I will never forget!!

Now onto what the stress of what the “Holiday” season did to me. IT’S CRAZY! Okay I already have sleep issues but I must admit that the month of December was exceptionally “off”. Well, as soon as “Christmas” was over, meaning, all the prezzies were handed out and opened, Christmas lunch (which is a HUGE dinner) was eaten, enjoyed and it was a Amazing gathering, the clean up was done, the yearly pictures were taken, just plain ole spending time together and everyone had left, I jumped on my computer to check out Facebook and see how everyone else’s Christmas was going.

As I sat there scrolling checking out all the great posts, I started getting tired and my eyes started closing. I thought to myself “just a little nap on the couch will do me fine”. I slept from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm, then got up and piddled around a bit. I still couldn’t eat after stuffing myself at our Christmas lunch and then watched a movie. I didn’t think I would be able to sleep last night because of taking such a long nap on the couch. The movie was Fantastic but by the time we reached the end of it I was already so tired again! I ended up sleeping from 10:30 pm until 5:30 am.

MORAL OF THE STORY for those of you who have read until the end. Take care of yourself during the “Holiday Season” or throughout the year PERIOD!! Stress can OVERWHELM us and can wreak Havoc on our bodies. For me, as soon as the stress of Christmas was relieved, all the stress left me so tired that all I could do was sleep. I hope you all had a GREAT Christmas!!

holiday stress

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