Great Invention to keep my Pets Safe!!

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These Bubba’s  leash lights are really cool. They are great for when I let my dogs out at night and want to know where they are but they will also be perfect for when we got camping or visit friends with lots of property. I also like that they are water resistant so if it is raining or starts raining I don’t have to worry about rushing my dogs inside. They are simple to use and not bothersome at all to my Golden Retrievers. They are no larger than the tags my dogs wear from the Veterinarian for the yearly shots. The D shaped clip to put the light on the collar is easy to work, goes on very easy and it is secure. My Golden’s have run, played, rolled and all the normal activities of a vibrant dog and they have not fallen off. I love that there is a switch that I have to turn on and off because it prevent the light from accidentally being turned on. They batteries are replaceable. This is very exciting to me! The fact that I can replace the batteries make it something I can use for a long time.

Why I love Bubba’s Leash Light!


The light is really bright and makes my dog easily visible.
Not Big!! Smaller than the size of the their dog tags from yearly shots
The clip is easy to attach and secure
There is a  switch to turn light on and off
The batteries are replaceable
They are Water Resistant

I was lucky enough to receive a discount on these Bubba’s Leash Lights in exchange for my honest review.

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