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Selina has a great talent for fantasy artistry. I own several of her books and Gothic is awesome! I color to relieve stress and anxiety and I colored my images while waiting for an appointment at the VA. It was simple but oh so beautiful!!



I love Gothic! This is an AMAZING book!! Gothic Dark Fantasy has a total of 25 amazing images with witches (some with familiars) to maidens (some with lovers) but there are actually 50 pages because you get 2 of each image!! I get to choose weather I want them to be good witches or bad witches and maidens. I can even split the book in half very easily and share it with a friend!!


The images have beautiful women with gorgeous gowns, flowing hair, and showing strength. This book allows me to color a fantasy style with a sexier flirtier in style. Like I said I own several of Selina’s coloring books and each is Amazing in its own right.


These images are printed on one side of light weight paper. These pages are not perforated. If you want to get the images out it should be easy enough. All you have to do is spread the book open as far as you can and score along the binding.  There is a frame around the majority of the images but there are a few that don’t.



I used Marco Raffine Coloring Pencils so I have no experience with markers in this book but I can tell you that the pencils left a bit of an outline on the back of the page. My suggestion is no matter what medium you use that you ALWAYS use a couple sheets of paper or heavy weight paper under the image that you are working on to make sure you don’t ruin the next image.



This really is an amazing book!! I enjoy just the mere fact of looking at it and just knowing that at any time I can pull it out and color in it. Selina has done an awesome job as she is a great artist. I was fortunate enough to receive Gothic Dark Fantasy in exchange for HONEST and UNBIASED review.

Visit Selina Fenech Fairies and Fantasy to check out her work!!




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