Global Doodle Gems Volume 4: The Ultimate Coloring Book…an Epic Collection from Artists around the World!

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This Global Doodle Gems Volume 4 is AMAZING! There are 50 images in here to color. This is a collection of 10 Artist from all around the world. Each Artist has 5 pages to color but you can also color their Chapter cover which will make a 6th image making it a total of 60 images to color. Global Doodle Gems has an amazing ability to find these awesome artists. I love these books in particular because there is no set theme for it. You get a little bit of everything.

Chapter 1: Maggie Lin
She is from Taiwan and has a Zentangle feel to her pictures but there are a couple that are not just zentangle doodles but very nice scenic designs.

Chapter 2: Heather Richards
Heather is a 5th grade teacher and she is from the United States. I’m not sure if she is an Art teacher or a regular teacher but she is a Certified Zentangle Teacher. I really like Heathers Zentangle Designs. I love the fact that she also showed us it wasn’t just about the lines with her nice scenic images also.

Chapter 3: Joe Shivery
Joe is from the United States and has an imagination unlike that of any other. He has 2 books published so far and they are: The Broken Mind of Joes Ink Volume 1 and 2. He has a facebook page you can follow him at. There is a story that goes along with his creatures. It’s not just images for Joe or for those of us who follow.

Chapter 4: Gloria A Lenzen
She is from the USA I could also classify her as Zentagle but she really likes flowers which is fine by me as I love flowers. 3 of her 5 images are mainly flowers with one of them being a very beautiful scenic design.

Chapter 5: Linda McMillen
She is from the USA and all 5 of her images include insects. 3 of the 5 also include flowers. When looking at her Facebook page I see a whole new side of Linda. She is not just an Artist who likes insects but loves to draw, color and seems to just love Art all around.

Chapter 6: Yaya
Yaya is from France and creates Mandalas that have some simple but there are also some with a more intricate zentangle feel to them

Chapter 7: Kimberly Garvey
Kimberly is from the US and can be found on her own website. She is an established Artist with 11 published books. Her images are for everyone! She has 5 full page images with a zentangle feel to them.

Chapter 8: Alfred E. Villanueva
Alfred has some Amazing works of art in is section. I think this will by far be my favorite section of this book. 3 of his 5 images have faces involved. While I guess technically you can classify his work as Zentangle also it has a whole level of its own. His work is intricate is something for a steady experience hand. The other 2 images are animals. He is from the Philippines’ and can be found on Facebook.

Chapter 9: Mitchell Manuel
Mitchell is from New Zealand and all his images are simplistic Mandalas. Mitchell has 2 published books and also enjoys Fashion.

Chapter 10: Diana Homes
Diana is from the USA and loves all things Whimsical. Her 5 Images are of either birds or owls. I’m not sure exactly which they are. She is very creative and crafty. She not only loves drawing but creating things period. I really love 1 image in particular that is a Dream catcher.

This is a Great book for ANY and EVERYONE!! There are simple to intricate images. This is a great book for a beginner and experienced alike. If you are a Beginner you can get this book and start with the simplest Mandalas and work your way up to the more experience fine line images.

All these Artists bring a unique and wonderful touch to this Amazing book. All these images are printed on one side of the page on medium weight paper. My Gel Pens did not bleed through but ALWAYS make sure to put a piece of paper or 2 under the page you are working on. These pages are not perforated but they are easy to get out as long as you score them along the binding. A lot of these are PERFECT for framing!! I bought Global Doodle Gems Volume 4 on Create Space at a discount in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

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