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I love these GL-Sail Premium Gel Pens. I color because it helps with my stress and anxiety. When I have good Gel Pens that sure does relieve some of the anxiety. Knowing I don’t have to worry about gel pens running out of ink or skipping is awesome!!

The colors are Bright and Vibrant and I enjoy the variety of colors. The Glitter ink is so shiny and I absolutely love it! They all started right away and wrote very smoothly. I loved that these pens were 0.8mm to 1.0mm. This makes it super easy to get into those fine lines that I love to color.

They dry really quickly and I didn’t have any of them smudge like some gel pens. The pens are nice and sleek and feel good in my hand. This makes them easy to hold for long periods of time when coloring.

You get:

12 Pastels
12 Glitters
12 Neon

The case is great! It has 3 snaps to make sure it stays secure when you close it. I am a Veteran and also have 2 teenage boys. I am always on the go or waiting somewhere. These make it really easy for me to just through them in my purse or a bag and have them when I get to where I’m going. Portability is a MUST for me when it comes to gel pens!! I was fortunate enough to receive these GL-Sail Premium Gel Pens in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.


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