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I sure hope ya’ll are ready for what is about to happen!! If you are, let me see some likes and shares and check out the prizes I am about to Give away!! These were all donated by the Artist or owners.

Color Me Stress-Free : Nearly 100 Coloring Templates by Lacy Mucklow – Art Therapist​

Color Me Calm : 100 Coloring Templates by Lacy Mucklow

Color Me Happy : 100 Coloring Templates by Lacy Mucklow

Color Technik gel pens​ set of 40

Premium Set of 48 Colored Pencils  from JNW Direct

Canvas Wrap For Gel Pens or Colored Pencils  from LifeVC®

Dont forget to show me and them some love by visiting the prizes and liking and sharing to let everyone know its coming!!

2 thoughts on “Giveaway Coming SOON!!!!!

  1. I think I’be accomplished all,the tasks to be entered into this contest. Being a new counselor, should I win, the items will go in,my new office for myself and others to enjoy. Thanks for the oportunity!

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