Elite KitchenwareTM Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils

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This Elite Kitchenware Premium 8 piece utensil set is really nice. I am very happy with it. The handles of these are thick High Quality Stainless Steel and the heads are Heat Resistance Silicone. They are FDA approved, BPA free, and Latex free. If you think it couldn’t get any better than this just keep reading!! The quality and construction of each of these utensils are awesome!

They are made very well as is everything from this company. It is nice to know that I don’t have to worry about the handles warping and the heads melting if they get hot. I have literally ruined pans because of utensils melting in my pan in high heat cooking. The heat resistant rating on these Utensils is 480 Degrees. This is commercial grade quality and it will not scratch my non-stick cookware. This is a great relief to me! I have spent too much money on my Cookware to have them scratched or silicone melted in them.

This set comes with a Pasta Server, Serving Spoon, Spatula, Slotted turner, Soup Ladle, Whisk, Strainer, and Tongs. These are all very nice but I especially love a couple. The Whisk is Amazing. Normally a Wisk is just the metal bands and that is all but this Wisk in particular has a little ball type object in the middle meant to help break up any clumps. The Tongs are the type that have the lock on the end so that you can actually close them and lock them shut instead of having them open taking up extra space. Each of the Utensils has a hanging loop for easy storage. This is really nice. I know I have way too much in my drawers as it is. Getting this set is just the extra push I need to get rid of some of it.

They clean up super easy also because they are Dishwasher safe!! The last reason I love this set is because it is a NO WORRY purchase. There is a Lifetime Warranty on these Utensils! Imagine not having to worry about ever buying utensils again. These are built to last a lifetime. I know I have broken, burned, melted and bent utensils. When you buy this set you are getting that peace of mind that if for any reason there is a problem all you have to do is contact the company. I received these Elite KitchenwareTM Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

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