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This Earth Botanicals Argan Oil Conditioner is really AMAZING!! I am always looking for the best Argan Oil based Conditioner because I have extremely dry hair. I have tried several of the competitors products I will tell you that this one really is awesome.

This Conditioner is made with natural light weight oils that deeply conditions and softens my hair. It is has amazing antioxidant rich oils in it like Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba oil, and it even has Vitamin E. All this helps to return your hair to a manageable state. I know it makes my hair look and feel healthier.

This Earth Botanicals conditioner comes in an 8oz brown bottle and has a flip top lid. There was a security seal on it which is great. I love knowing that my item was closed and secured right after manufacturing. The flip top lid makes it really easy to get the conditioner out without having to take time unscrewing the top. I don’t know about you but when I’m bathing or in the shower and all wet, it is not only a major hassle but downright dangerous trying to unscrew a lid.

It has a fresh clean smell and what is great about that is that it last a couple days. I honestly only wash my hair 3 times a week because it is so dry. It’s nice to know that my hair smells fresh all 7 days in that week. My hair gobbled up this conditioner like my family eats food on Thanksgiving Day. What’s amazing is that my hair does not feel over conditioned or oily after conditioning it. It is really gentle and I could probably use it daily but I’m afraid of the repercussions on my hair. It really softens and hydrates my dry hair and is repairing it.

I was able to dry and straighten my hair and still have very soft hair afterward. That is awesome. I wanted to put it to the test and see if it really would condition my super dry hair and also allow me to dry and straighten it without drying it out again. I’m glad to say that even today after showering and drying and straightening my hair, it is still very soft. It looks very healthy.

I LOVE that it is made in the USA!! I am a big supporter of products produced here. It is Phosphate-free and Paraben-free also which is AMAZING! I received this Earth Botanicals Argan Oil Conditioner at a discount in exchange for HONEST and UNBIASED review.

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