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Review:: 5 Stars Length:: 6:17 Mins

The Eachine X5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker does Everything!! It is loaded with features such as a Clock/Alarm Clock and Qi Charger. My son loves having everything All in One. The box is wooden and is made very well. It has a LED Clock/Alarm Clock, Qi charging, Thermometer, Bluetooth/NFC connectivity, 2 USB ports (1A / 2.1A), and AUX input. You can even Steam music via Bluetooth 4.0. In the package you get the Eachine Wood Speaker, Power Adaptors, 3.5mm Jack Audio Cable, and the User Manual

While our phones don’t have Qi chargers, I think it is Amazing that you can listen to music that is streaming from your Phone to your Clock all the while your phone is charging sitting on top of it. OH! You can also answer calls while the music is playing. All you have to do is lightly touch the phone button on the top of your Clock/Speaker/Charger and it turns into a phone. The Sensory Touch control buttons are nice!

This thing has a ton of features built right into it. My son loves that he can listen to music through quality 5W Audio Speakers located on each side of his device. I know in the video you can hear the reverb but that is because I had 2 phones going and on top of each other one being a Bluetooth Speaker. I have called him since the test and can hear him great and he says he can hear me great also. I was fortune enough to receive this Eachine Wood Bluetooth Speaker in exchange for my honest review.

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