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This is an Amazing Stress relieving book. I have to say since I have done the video that I have colored more and this book is amazing! There are 35 pages of awesome pictures that range from abstract images, geometric shapes, and intricate pages to pages with nature patterns. I am not the most expert when it comes to coloring and I did not find a page in here that I was afraid to try. In my opinion when it comes to coloring, you only have to try and this Doodle Emporium gives you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild with all the different patterns on the wonderful pages in this book. I used gel pens when coloring and it did not bleed through but I suggest if you use markers or sharpies to just use another piece of paper for a “just in case” because you DO NOT want to ruin any of the wonderful pages. I love that they are printed on one side and the other side is blank. I very much dislike books that print on both sides. This is a perfect coloring book. I was lucky enough to receive this in exchange for my honest review.

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Doodle Emporium: A Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book


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