DG Sports Outdoor Multi-function Stainless Steel Foldable 9 in 1 Utensil Set

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This really is a Amazing deal!!! You get 2 great products for 1 great price!! This DG Sports outdoor foldable 9 in 1 multi-function utensil set is the Ultimate item to have for any outdoor or emergency experience. We are a family that believes in being prepared. We all have B.O.B’s also known as Bug Out Bags. I also have a Get Home Bag in my car. We have multi-function utensils in our bags but when I saw these, at this price, I knew I had to have them. I paid a good amount just for the original ones I bought for our bags and they are nowhere near as nice and complete as this utensil.

This comes in a nice Army Green/Olive Pouch that can easily be added to a belt which is awesome but it is small enough to fit anywhere in my bag. Some of these items are pretty standard and some are really are quite rare for a tool like this. You will never them find on another multi-function tool. That’s why this one is THE BEST one to get! I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am with it. In an emergency situation this will not only feed us which is what most people will see when they look at this tool but it will also help to mend our clothes. Let me explain.

The items are:

Bottle opener
4 inch Saw
4 inch Knife
Cork screw
Awl with threading eye.
Button Hook

So, It comes with the Fork, Spoon and Knife which I can use to eat with but the knife can also be used if I have to hunt my own food. If I do happen to find prey it can be used to skin them. The knife can also cut and break down rope and items used to make emergency shelters. The Saw can be used to cut through small branches, trees and maybe even bones if needed in a SHTF scenerio.

If by chance you come across a luxury item like a bottle of wine you will have a Corkscrew but I honestly can’t see myself using the Corkscrew in an emergency situation. Of course the Flashlight is going to help ALOT in any situation whether it is camping, hiking or an emergency situation. Okay, now lets get to the exceptional items here. The Awl with the threading eye and the Button hook are things that are NOT standard on most Utensils I have found. These items will help out a lot in the long run.

They will help me and my family keep our clothing mending and in good condition. If you do your research you will see that they have been used for a long time in making leather goods and more. Basically, everything you need to survive is right here in this Multi-Function Utensil. I received these DG Sports Outdoor Foldable 9 in 1 Multi-function Utensils at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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