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These Dandelion Dish Cloths are super nice and Absorbent. In the listing it says they are quick drying and it really is the truth. One towel will dry all your dishes without leaving any streaks or fibers on my dishes. These are really nice. I have used them, washed them and am now doing my review.


There are 5 towels in this set. They are a light green with white stripes and a really nice white stitched edge. These are well made. They are 19″ x 15″ and are a Bamboo, Microfiber and Polyester no shrink blend and they didn’t shrink in the dryer. Because they are bamboo they are less likely to have an odor.


I knew Bamboo was recyclable and have seemed it made into other cloths before but I honestly never thought I’d own one. It is really silky and soft. Being that these are also Microfiber towels they will probably work very well to clean windows without getting streaks or leaving fabric behind.


It is recommended that you never use bleach or fabric softener with these. Also to not iron them or use in water above 60 degrees. Now when drying, because I was unsure, I just dried them on medium heat until they were dry. I think these are great and I was fortunate enough to receive these Dandelion Dish Cloths in exchange for HONEST and UNBIASED review.


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