Dainayw Metallic Marker Pens, Set of 10 Colors

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These Dainayw Metallic Marker Pens are pretty cool. I have never owned a set of Metallic pens much less brush tips. I think had I used a better quality paper I would have gotten a better effect but I still got a decent glow with the plain printer paper.


You get 10 brush tip pens with this set in a nice sturdy plastic case that is great for storing and carrying your marker pans anywhere. These will be great for working on glass, making cards, scrapbooking, or pretty much any DIY project you want. I am about to decorate an office and these are going to be perfect for making a couple of vases for my tables or bookshelves.


These colors are very bright and vibrant and I love how they really shine even on just regular paper. These are water based ink so they are going to absorb into regular paper more than into card stock that is why they don’t shine as much. I really like the fact that they are water based because if I make a mess on myself or on my desk or area I am using it will easily clean up. Also if I am working on glass if I am not happy I can just wipe it off before it dries.


I think these make a really great addition to my art collection. The ink flows great and it has a great tip that is easy to work with. I think I will use them more for art than coloring though although I will continue to try to perfect the craft. I was lucky enough to receive these Dainayw Metallic Color Pens in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.



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