Dainayw Double Ended Art Markers, Set of 12 Vibrant Colored Markers

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These Dainayw markers are pretty nice. It is nice having a Chisel tip and a fine tip all in one marker. It is easy to fill in both large and small areas. Having this dual tip marker keeps me from having to buy 2 separate sets of markers.


I color lot and am always looking for some good markers. These are great markers for coloring. You get a chisel tip and a fine tip which is perfect for large and small spaces.


You get 12 Markers and they come in a convenient plastic case that is perfect for taking them anywhere I go!! These are Alcohol-based ink that is non-toxic and low odor markers. There is a very light smell but nothing that’s going to bother you. These colors are bright and vibrant and lay on smooth!!


It took me a few to learn that these were going to spread some when I laid the color. So when working in small spaces you need to start inside the lines. There are 2 Blue, 2 Pink, Red, 2 Green, 2 Yellow, 1 Orange Brown and a Black.


I had a great experience with these but I have to admit that the colors are a bit off but it’s not too bad once they dry. I really love how vibrant they are!! I received these Dainayw Dual tip markers in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.





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