Culina High Quality Stainless Steel Carving Set

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This is a really Nice Carving Set! This Culina Knife and Fork are great for slicing through any meat. I made a 5.5 pound chicken just to test the knife and this knife went thought this chicken breast like melted butter. We used the fork to pull the Chicken out of the pan and there was no bend in the fork. These are very strong. It is perfect for slicing turkey, chicken, ham, prime ribs or practically any roast you cook. Culina has designed this set to slice through any meat with ease.

The Carving Knife is 15″ long but the blade is 10″ with a nice sharp tapered edge design for cutting through any roast or meat. The Fork is 13″ long but the 2 prongs 7″ long designed for reaching deep into the meat for a secure hold. This set is made of High Quality Heat Tempered Stainless Steel. The handles are comfortable and easy to hold making it easy to slice through your meat in comfort. Both my husband and I used the set and it fit nicely in both our hands. I was fortunate enough to receive a discount on this Culina Carving Knife and Fork Set in exchange for my honest review.

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