Corciova® Geometry Women’s Infinity Scarf Loop

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This Corciova® Geometry Scarf is so beautiful!! I love all the different colors in it. I can wear this with so many different types and colors of shirts. It is so comfortable and lightweight. I am a lover of all infinity scarves. 95% of the time I am wearing one. It is soft to the touch and feels great around my neck.

I wear infinity scarves all the time weather it be summer, winter, spring or fall. This scarf can be worn in any season. This scarf is 70″ x: 35″. It makes a nice big puffy loop or you can make it not so puffy but just rolling it a little. If you are wearing a nice long dress you can even leave it unlooped for a long sleek look. You can dress it up or down. The choice is yours. In winter when I wear scarves like this I just wear like normal and when I go outside I just tuck it into my jacket and wear a winter scarf on the outside.

This scarf is made amazingly well and the quality is awesome! It is very well made and there are no loose threads. The colors in here are so beautiful. The Navy Blue, Burgundy, Turquoise, White and a Misty Pinks. There is even a little bit of Orange and Black in here. I love all the different patterns. It really makes for an interesting piece to add to your outfit!!

It is 100% polyester. When washing this scarf it does take a little extra care. While you can wash it in a washing machine I do NOT recommend that. I personally hand wash it with very little warm water. I draw the water before ever wetting my scarf making sure it is barely warm. I use a very mild detergent and just very delicately wash it then rinse it well. Do not wring it tight. If you are laying it outside to dry make sure it is not in the sun. I personally have a drying rack I put it on to dry inside. I received this Corciova® Geometry Infinity Scarf in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.


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